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Linear Title Benefits from a Stellar Executive Team


Linear TitleLinear Title has pulled together a powerful executive team of real estate and financial services professionals who, working in conjunction, contribute to the vision and drive that has made Linear Title a leading company in the title and closing industry.


Linear Title President and CEO Nick Liuzza attended LSU, where he studied business and marketing. Before joining Linear Title, he successfully led two companies, thus gaining the experience he would later bring to his position at Linear Title, where his passion, tenacity, and business savvy have helped the company achieve the success it enjoys today.


Linear Title EVP Nathan Chandler studied finance at Auburn University and worked as a banker before joining Linear Title, where he used his leadership skills to promote positive changes throughout the company. Todd Costa, who is the CFO of Linear Title, studied accounting and went on to earn his MBA from Bryant University. After working as an accountant and consultant, Todd Costa joined Linear Title and was quickly promoted to his current position.


Marc Trachtenberg, who is executive vice president of sales at Linear Title, joined Linear Title after graduating with a BBA in marketing. Upon graduating, he went on to gain extensive experience in the banking and mortgage industries, including founding and running his own residential mortgage company. He joined Linear Title in 2010. Joshua Dorsey is the vice president of operations at Linear Title. He joined Linear Title shortly after graduating with a degree in history and political science, and he currently manages and oversees the production and progress of all departments at Linear Title.


Linear Title’s chief technology officer, Jessica Digilio, began her career as a help desk technician before joining Linear Title in a role as a network and software administrator. Within five years, she was promoted to the position she currently holds at Linear Title. Brooke Whittaker, who is the AVP of client services and operations at Linear Title, worked as a closer at a mortgage company for several years and worked her way up the ladder before joining Linear Title, where she quickly received several promotions. Sarah Silva gained an extensive background in the mortgage and banking industries before joining Linear Title, where she managed the closing department before she was promoted to her current position as assistant vice president.


Linear Title benefits from the talents and business acumen of its executive team and is looking forward to the company’s future with these leaders at the helm.

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